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About Commercial Trucks Queens Locanto safer tradingSo you've got your lorry license. Now you're looking for a great truck with a great offer? Scrutinize every detail of the vehicle and don't get scammed. Read our Safer Trading Blog.

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Trucks vary greatly in size, power and configuration, but can be broadly classified as being small, light, medium, heavy or very heavy. The majority of trucks on this page, such as flat bed and box trucks, fit into the medium classification of trucks. If you are looking to buy or sell a truck, or lorry if you're from the UK or Ireland, then the Queens Trucks/Lorries category is the place to find one, or offer one, in your local area. If you are a seller, we encourage you to include as much detail in your ad as possible, such as the year of manufacture, service history, mileage, gross ton capacity, as well as any other information you think a buyer might require. In addition, including a few images of the vehicle will give potential buyers a better idea of what condition it is in, and will also increase the amount of views your ad gets.